Historical Novels by Marla Fair
Inspired by the true story of
John and Rachel Johnston.  In
1802 John Johnston and his
young bride, Rachel, left
Philadelphia, headed for Fort
Wayne deep in the heart of the
Indian Territory. They knew the
journey would be perilous, but
they did not expect that, once
they had reached the safety of
the fort, they would find
themselves... IN THE MIDST

In the Midst of Danger
Book One of the Johnston
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Historic Interpreter Phoebe
Greenway never imagined
that her fascination with one
of the former occupants of
the 1800s home she worked
in would change her destiny.
One stormy night she is
startled by a figure on the
stair. Her pursuit of it
teaches her the truth of the
old adage, ‘Be careful what
you wish for.'

A Tale of Love Across
Indians were their enemies,
so how could Miriam Foxwell,
the daughter of a prosperous
plantation owner in 18th
century South Carolina fall in
love with one?  And could
their love survive her father's

Book One of the Son of the
Silver Fox
Born to the family of a
decorated British General,
Charlotte Burington had it
all.  Or so it
seemed.  She always knew
something was missing, but
never expected to find
it in Colonial America - and
in the arms of a French

My French Rebel
Book One of The
General's Daughter
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In 1848 Nancy Cain Boyd left
Ireland and William Boyd, never
to return, taking her only child
Margaret with her.  She met
Robert McCurdy on the ship to
America and they were married
that same year.

Unfortunately, she never
divorced Mr. Boyd....

Morning through the
is based on the true
story of Nancy Cain Boyd and
Robert McCurdy, the author’s
ancestors.   It is available in
paperback at
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