Aatinaa or Talker  - James McInnery  (Creek and Scot)

Mastermind of a scheme to use Kamassa Chafaaka. Taken from the battlefield as a child by a British soldier, raised and educated in Europe.  A military strategist.


Aayanchaka  – War Bonnet  (Creek)

Creek warrior who took Talota or Singing Wind (Mingo’s mother) for his bride.


Adohi – Forever (Cherokee)

Copperhead’s son.


Chichobabitka – Horse Dance (Creek)

One of McInnery’s men.


Chiloyha – Wren (Creek)

Arrowkeeper’s sister, adoptive mother of Kamassa, wife of Black Beetle.  Deceased.


Cornell, Rachel –   (English)

The love of Cara-Mingo’s youth, met and left behind in England.  (also in ‘Beloved Ghost’)


Fofchokba – Green Hornet (Creek)  Name given by mother.  See Tastanagi Thulco.


Foxwell, George – (English)

Miriam’s grandfather, a British general during the Seven Year’s War, retired to Pennsylvania.


Foxwell, Miriam –  (English)

Daughter of a British officer.   Married to a Cherokee man.


Foxwell, William – (English)

Father of Miriam, from Uffculme, Devon, England.   A British Officer in command of the lower Ohio valley. 


Galunadi – Sky (Cherokee)

Cherokee medicine man of Talota’s tribe.


Goingsnake – (Creek)

Tastanagi's henchman who also worked for John Gerard (also in ‘Beloved Ghost’)


Harper, Andrew   (Irish)

Preacher or Policha’s adoptive father, an Irish businessman of considerable wealth. 


Harper, James – See Policha, name given by adoptive family


Hukstalgi – Bird  (Creek)

Past chief of the Kentucky Creek and grandfather to Kamassa. Deceased. (also in ‘Beloved Ghost)


Ilhicha Kano – Beautiful  (Creek)

A Creek ‘princess’ of the Tyger clan, daughter of Hukstalgi.  Married to Tara-Mingo approximately 1763 – 64.  Mother of Kamassa.  Deceased.


Kamama – See Miriam Foxwell, name given by Cherokee upon adoption into tribe


Kamassa Chaffaaka – Powerful One  (Creek)

Tara-Mingo and Ilhicha Kano’s son.  A member of the Tyger or ruling clan of the Creek.


Kanona – Cornbeater (Cherokee)

Beloved woman of Chota, eldest female member of Spicewood’s clan.


Kitini – Nighthawk  (Creek)

A follower of Arrowkeeper.


Lakiahhiicha – Arrowkeeper  (Creek)

Creek warrior from Georgia. Rescued by Cara-Mingo from captivity in London approximately 1766 along with Star (see Nanqueesi).  (Also in Beloved Ghost)


MacKirdy, Alexander – (Scot)

Friend of Cara-Mingo in his youth, an actor. 


MacKirdy, Archibald – (Scot)

Alexander’s twin.  Deceased.


MacKirdy, Finlay Dougall – (Scot)

Brother to Alexander


MacDougall, Dungan – (Scot)

Highland regiment commander, a general, uncle to the MacKirdy brothers


Menewa – Great Warrior  (Cherokee)

Talota’s elder brother and chief of the Cherokee.


Nanqueesi – Star (Cherokee)

Friend and mentor to Tara-Mingo, rescued with Arrowkeeper from London in 1766.  Father of Spicewood and White War Chief of the Chota Cherokee upon his return to Ken-tah-ten.


Nodatsi – Spicewood  (Cherokee) (Istaasa Itto – Creek form of the same name)

Star’s daughter.


Oologiluh – Cloud (Cherokee)

Star’s wife.  Deceased.


Policha – Preacher  (Creek)

A child of Creek and French metizos, adopted and raised by  a wealthy white Irish plantation owner.  Kamassa’s mentor and guide.  Now working with James McInnery.


Pursglove, Isabella  (Irish/English)

An Irish-born, English educated actress.


Saquo Ugidali  - One Feather  (Cherokee)

Mingo’s maternal grandfather.  Deceased.


Saklichi - Black Beetle  (Creek)

Kamassa’s adopted father.  Deceased.


Talkoosibaksakaali - Sharpknife  (Creek)

Tara-Mingo’s right hand man.  A vicious warrior and aathollo or male witch.


Tastanagi Thulco -  Big Warrior  (Creek)

Younger brother to Talkoosibaksakaali or Sharp Knife..  Leader or chief of the ‘ishi semoli’ or Creek renegades who live in the Kentucky territory and are the main advance men of James McInnery’s scheme. (Also in ‘Beloved Ghost’)


Taya – Cherry (Cherokee)

Spicewood’s best friend.


Tsunalugi – Smoke (Cherokee)

Friend of Cara-Mingo, Cherokee of Chota


Unatsi – Snow (Cherokee)

A Cherokee woman, daughter of Blackberry, Talota’s sister, who managed to escape from War Bonnet’s men during the raid in which Mingo’s mother was taken. Found by whites and raised as a white.  Married a Scottish man.


Waso – Wolf or Coyote (Creek)

One of Tara-Mingo’s men.


Wodi Giasgoli – Copperhead (Cherokee)

Cara-Mingo’s childhood friend.