Daniel Boone Characters


Daniel Boone - Frontiersman and wilderness explorer and founder of Boonesborough Kentucky in 1775.  The TV Daniel Boone is 6’ 5’, wears a coonskin cap, and carries a rifle named Ticklicker (as did the historic Daniel Boone).  Daniel is a man of strength, purpose and drive whose confidence in himself sometimes lands him in hot water.  He always has a plan, but most often it is on conceived on the spur of the moment.












Rebecca Bryan Boone - Daniel Boone’s lovely red-headed spirited wife.   The TV Becky Boone is a feisty, opinionated, and deeply spiritual woman.  She is the backbone of her family.  Rebecca and Daniel have two children in the TV series: Israel and Jemima. 


Jemima Boone – Daniel and Rebecca’s sixteen year old daughter.  Jemima is spirited like her mother and thoughtful like her pa.  For the 18th century, she is on the cusp of womanhood, which means she is looking for a husband and a home of her own.  

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Israel Boone - Daniel and Rebecca’s 7 year old son, and brother to Jemima.  Israel has a nose for trouble dotted with a healthy sprinkling of freckles.  He seems to think he is as grown-up as the men he emulates and has a tendency to act before he thinks.  He is big-hearted and is always taking in strays.



Caramingo (Kerr Murray) - Born in Kentucky to the English officer and surveyor, John Murray, the 4th earl of Dunsmore and Talota, the daughter of a Cherokee chief.  After the death of his mother, when in his teens, Mingo was taken to England by his father.  There he experienced the ‘civilized’ world.  Rejecting it and his inheritance, Mingo returned to Kentucky and his mother’s people.  He is Daniel Boone’s closest friend.