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Born and bred in southwestern Ohio, I attended the University of Cincinnati & Edison
State Community College majoring in Fine Arts and minoring in History. At a young age I
dreamed of being a comic book artist.  This started a love of illustrative art which is with
me to this day.  First concentrating on pastels and pen & ink,
I now work in the new and exciting medium of colored pencils.   I had the privilege of
studying with two nationally known artists - Janie Gildow and Ann Kullberg.  Under the
tutelage of these two gracious ladies I gained experience in this relatively new medium
and developed my own style, which pays homage to both of theirs.  

I teach classes in colored pencil on a drop-in basis at the Hayner Cultural Center in Troy,
OH.  For information please email me or call the center at 937.339.9457  I work in
graphite, pastel, and pen & ink  as well.  Mostly a realistic artist, I have stretched out
doing contemporary pieces for David Fair Designs & Winans Candies employing gel &

Other interests?  I have many.  I am a member of the Troy Historical Society of Miami
County, OH where I get to indulge my keen interest in my Irish heritage and genealogy.  I
am the founder of ‘Gallimaufry, a Writer’s Group’ also out of Miami County.  Currently I
am publishing my own work.   My interests are fantasy and historicals.  I also have great
fun writing fan-fiction and creating fan art  based on a variety of  shows from my
childhood including Daniel Boone, the Young Rebels, Robin of Sherwood & the Golden
Age 'Teen' and 'New Titans' comic books.  As well as a few others - check it out!

I am currently employed at the Johnsont Farm & Indian Agency in Piqua, OH as an
Interpretive Guide, and lead the tours at the Johnston Farm House, which was the home
of John Johnston, Indian agent to the Shawnee, Wyandot, Delaware, and Seneca tribes
of Ohio (among others) from 1809 – 1829.  The house was built 1811 – 1815.  You can
find more information here:
 Johnston Farm & Indian Agency
Welcome to my world.  Here you will find out a little bit about me, my interests and my work.   
Please check out my art and fan-writing pages, as well as the page for my studio 'Renderings'
where you can purchase cards and more.
A little bit about me
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