M. CUMMINS FAIR                Chronicles of the Chosen
Book One: Generation One
Beyond the Last Tree

For Morgan of the Wood there are no gods.  There is no such thing as faith.  There
is nothing to believe in but herself...until one day her cat leads her deep into the
woods to a sacred cave and a pale-haired boy whose very existence challenges
everything she believes.  Called by Mai, the Son of  the Ascendants, Morgan must
make a choice – to undertake a quest that will lead to the restoration of the One
Who Was Made Two, or to follow the path that she has unwittingly chosen – one
that will end with her in the arms of Maaz, the Black Hand.

Trade paperback 207 pages   $14.95

Kindle EBook  $4.99

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Book Two: Generation One
When the Cat's Away

When the cat's away...things go to the Hohl.

Available 2014 on Kindle, Nook, and in print
Book Three: Generation One

Her sword.  Her love.  Her destiny.

Coming soon on Kindle, Nook, and in print
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Warning - contains major spoilers!
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