LORD OF THE RINGS - Based on both the original book and Peter Jackson's films.  

 A Frodo By Any Other Name - Rated G.  Just why is it Sam calls Frodo 'Mister'?

The Stone - Rated G.  Pippin's journey within the Palantir     Part One, Part Two  
Christian - Fan fiction for God?  Sure, why not?

I.   A Blessed Chaos - Saul of Tarsus is headed for Damascus when he is struck blind.  Is this God's curse - or blessing?

 No Matter What - A short journey through Jesus' eyes.

III.   Selected poems from '
The Candle of My Life - A Poem Play'

I.  Do We Not Bleed - A Legion of Superheroes tale based on the DC comics.  Querl Dox, Brainiac Five, is cold as a computer and ten times as smart.  How is it he can't figure out
that he's in love?

II.  Where Angels Fear - An X-Files tale based on the TV show.  A series of deaths of gov't officials children seems to be linked to Samantha Mulder's disappearance.  When Mulder is
wounded, Scully is confronted by the spirit of a young girl who tells her only she can keep  him alive.
(Work in progress)

III.  The Wind in the Bowstrings - Star Trek Classic.  An exploration of Spock's origins and his parents' choices.

I.  Goodnight, Sweet Princess - An old foe comes to challenge the Titans.  Has Starfire lost her mind, and can Nightwing survive his girlfriend's nightmare visions? One, Two, Three, Four

The next two Titans tales are set in the Elsewhere Universe of Mark Waid and Alex Ross's KINGDOM COME graphic novel.  If you have not read it, you should!  Here's a
link to the
Wikipedia page about it (with plot spoilers).  You can find the comic at Amazon.com & other bookstores both new and used.

II.  Another Chance to Say Goodbye - Following the continuity of Kingdom Come - a tale of Nightwing and Nightstar.  Can father and daughter survive the death of Starfire - and her
seeming resurrection?   
 Part One,  Part Two

III.  Gifts - Nightwing is dead.  Can a grief stricken Batman survive, and what will Starfire risk to bring her love and husband back?  A sequel to 'Another Chance....'  
Part One: Chapter
One, Two, Three,  Four  
Part Two: Chapter One, Two, Three
Part Three: Chapter One, Two, Three, Epilogue               

 Father's Day - Dick Grayson and Joe Wilson wrestle with their relationships with their fathers - and an old foe returns to make 'Father's Day' special indeed.  One, Two, Three

V.  Heir Apparent - A solo Nightwing tale.  Dick Grayson is in England and the target of a fanatical group looking for a sacrificial victim.  One, Two, Three, Four

VI.  The Sound of One Finger Tapping - A tale of Nightwing and Barbara Gordon, exploring their relationship, from Barbara's POV.

Red - Nightwing's response to 'The Sound of One Finger Tapping'.

!. EYE of the Storm -  Luke must face a battle that will ultimately decide his fate.  I, II, III, IV

II.  Even Asses Can Dance - That night while Luke lay in the tent on Hoth close to death was a comfortable.  Han must look death - and himself - in the eye and choose what path he will

.  Elegy - A short surreal tale of Jedi power and pursuit featuring Luke.

The Tree - Another short piece involving the dark tree on Dagobah and the darkness Master Yoda senses in young Luke's soul.

Letters from the Dark Side - After the Battle of Endor is over Luke still feels tainted by the Emperor's hand.  Instead of running from the dark within him, he chooses to embrace it and
expel it.  In a series of letters he tries to explain to his newfound sister, Leia, what he has done.